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雪靴,Wood Yi's face hung with a hint of faint smile, hand slightly in one fell swoop, said: No! This is my apprentice, I have confidence in him. However, look at the present situation, some wrong ah. Although we admit, after the president after your special training, Wang Hu's weapons will be leaps and bounds. But two months ago, Yang Huan can easily solve the sublimation of the eight white Xu. Up to now, I am afraid Wang Hu will be some trouble ah! The teacher continued to persuade the patient. Wood easy to look cold, slightly a migraine, looking at the instructor said: Well!toms,You say so now, is suspicion of my vision? The instructor quickly lowered his head, his forehead emerge a layer of thin sweat, and repeatedly said: how dare to challenge the president under your vision! Since it is the dean you decide, it is not wrong! They are talking about, the field of Wang Hu has been moving, and the body did not move, sound first. Mouth drunk soon as: Yang Huan, promising, I let you see, what is the real tiger gun! At the same time at the foot of force, bystanders were able to clearly see, Wang Hu at the foot of the bluestone slightly sank.skechers,Block Qingshi was actually pressed down the whole. With a foot of power, Wang Hu 's entire body completely in a half - volley state, and just ready to go as the body was suddenly released as the arched general, stretch. The savings of energy released completely. In the eyes of others, this is not particularly fast punch, with the tiger on the footwork, as well as that indomitable momentum. But gives the feeling of a overwhelming. Marching, the Yi Mei brought the wind, completely cemented a fierce Tigers!